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Sometimes life delivers a painful blow. Relationships can suffer. When that happens, Affordable Family Rights is here to help. We offer support and assistance for those tough situations that require more than just a shoulder to cry on. Issues like: divorce, child custody, visitation rights, child support, fathers’ rights, grandparents’ rights, immigration and mediation can bring so much stress and pain to families.

Where does one turn when those situations arise? What are your legal rights? Where can family members go to find a reliable divorce attorney? Can mediation solve the problem? These are all serious concerns that require professional guidance. At Affordable Family Rights we understand your pain and we know your rights. We will help you sort out the issues in a helpful, constructive manner and help you get on the road to emotional recovery.

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Our professional counselors are here to help you with:

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Our network lawyers can help you through your divorce quickly and at the most affordable rate. Your have a better chance getting what you deserve with an attorney than without.

Affordable Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody situations are very difficult and emotional. Our network attorneys understand that it is imperative to guide you through the best options for your family.

Affordable Child Support Lawyers

If you need to get child support, let our network attorneys help you through that complicated financial situation. You want to make sure that you get the most financial support for your family.


You have the right to see your child and it is important to continue that relationship. Sometimes, these situations cannot be resolved between you and the other party. Our network attorneys are here to fight for your rights.

Fathers’ Rights

Fathers have rights, too and we understand that at Affordable Family Rights. Our network attorneys will fight for you so that you can see your children and continue that important relationship.

Grandparents’ Rights

Sometimes, Grandparents sometimes do not realize that they have the right to be in their grandchildren’s lives. Also, grandparents can step into a difficult family situation when a child needs a more stable environment. You can provide this stable environment and make sure that your grandchild is cared for rather than go to foster care.

Immigration Issues

Our network attorneys can help with your immigration needs including green cards, visas and deportation. Immigration laws keep changing so our network attorneys can guide you through that process at an affordable rate

Las Cuestiones De La Inmigración

Nuestra red los abogados pueden ayudarle con sus necesidades, incluyendo inmigración tarjetas verdes, visados y deportación. Las leyes de inmigración cambian constantemente por lo que nuestra red los abogados pueden guiar a través de este proceso a un precio asequible


It is important that family matters get resolved prior to going to court or trial. Let our network attorneys guide you through that process to avoid high costs of trials and the ups and downs of that situation.

There is no reason to try and resolve these problems without professional guidance and assistance. Rely on people who are here to help you get through those tough times and help you retain your rights, your dignity and your self-respect. Rely on Affordable Family Rights; we’re here for you.

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